Open Historical Data Map

This page is - apprently - under construction and not yet finished.

Mission: OHDM stores and offers spatial temporal data, including maps and sensor data.

OHDM is solely based on free and open software which was mainly produced from students of HTW Berlin.
Code is hosted on OpenHistoricalDataMap @ Github.


OHDM is still ongoing work. What works

OHDM database, Converter

Core of OHDM is a database. Have a look at Github-Wiki for more details or read some very brief papers about the concept . (It's really short - promised) Here are some features: That's the somewaht frustrating part on such IT project. The tools are all there. Now, we are about producing services and tools.

Comming soon

OHDM Android offline viewer

The is already a running OHDM Android App. That app can load and render OSM data. It is meant to get its OSM files from OHDM which can produce OSM files for a given date and region. That offline viewer uses Mapsforge. Maps have the same (well known appearence) as many others. But their are historic maps.

Status: Works in laboratory. Get your copy from Github and try. We hope to have it published end of Sept 2019.

Mapnik with date parameter

Some - not even huge changes - had to be done to make mapnik understanding a date parameter. That project will allow us to offer a web site looking like mapnik and beeing mapnik but understanding a date parameter. Have a look in our Github Repo

Status: Works in laboratory. We hope to have it online in July 2019.

Geoserver with date parameter

This actually works. We have two problems, though:
  1. There are no styles for OSM. We created our own but haven't finished. Anybody who has ever tried or even managed to write styles for a planet widermap has my deepest respect. That is work. Big work. We are now working on a style generator that makes (hopefully) style production faster. Geoserver style generator
  2. There is no time aware WMS cache. Apparently, tiles from same region but different times will differ. We have no two projects how are going to produce a time sensitive WMS cache. One is already on Github. The other project starts in July. time WMS cache code.
With that in mind, have a look at the time sensitive map. It is very very slowly because there is no cache yet. The styles are... OK, there are styles. It is a test. We don't use whole planet.
Feel free to play with the date parameter. Unfortunately, you wont see much before 2014. We dont have enough data yet. But we are working on our importer tool.

Status: Working. We hope to have it online in winter 2019.


Thomas Schwotzer @ XING
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Thomas Schwotzer @ Github